New Design High Gloss Paint Black Wooden Automatic Watch Winder


❤   PU leather interior                                                                            

❤   Upgraded components reduce the annoying sound. Japan MABUCHI motor inside is long lasting, extremely silent when running.

❤   Good Gift Idea : Elaborate appearance and convenient design, the watch winder organizer is good for personal use and store displays. It's also a best gift for your father, husband, wife, friend and other people in your life.

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Product Description:

FITS ALL WATCHES: Spring loaded telescopic watch holders with unique design, fitted for all watch bracelet sizes can be used for both men’s and women's watches.EASY TO SET UP:  4 models to choose; Repeat and stop, repeat working system can prolong the life of motor. Custom rotating models: The watch winder has 4 different rotating models, repeat between counterclockwise and clockwise.

Custom rotating models:
1. Stop;  
2. Clockwise for 2 minutes, rest for 6 minutes; repeat;  
3. Counter-clockwise for 2 minutes, rest for 6 minutes; repeat; 
4. Clockwise for 2 minutes; rest for 6 minutes; counterclockwise for 2 minutes,    rest for 6 minutes; repeat.  
5. Clockwise for 5 minutes; counterclockwise for 5 minutes; repeat above for 3 hours, rest for 9 hours; Repeat. 

Easy to use settings to set your turns per day and direction for each individual watch holder (so you can customize each setting for all your watches)
Plenty of space for oversize watches.Great for watch collectors who own many brands of automatic watches.
Push button in the front to easily turn on and off your winder.
Microfiber cleaning cloth, microfiber protective storage bag, and a matte black storage box.
This automatic watch winder holds up to eight watches and nine watches storage. This watch winder is in black leather and a clear display top that looks great anywhere in your room.
Keep and maintain your fine time pieces in our high quality watch winders. Our watch winders will not only wind your automatic watches but also store it as well. Each watch winder is hand made and developed to wind all popular brands of time pieces.

Feature Description:

Made of black high gloss paint with clear display top
Black colored velvet interior with watch pillow
Motor has 4 different settings (650-950-1250-1850 Turns Per Day) and winds either clockwise, counter clockwise, or bi-directional
Winds up to 8 watches
Power adapter included
1 year warranty
Dimensions: 25.196 x 10.236 x 8.267 inches (L x W X H)

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